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        Yuanhe has won the trust and praise of our customers with high-quality, efficient and standardized professional services。In the future development,We will adhere to the "contract, integrity, excellent quality, high efficiency" of the training,Follow "Quantity for credibility,Service for the market "purpose,Rely on rich experience, excellent ability,In accordance with the requirements of the Independent Auditing Standards for Certified Public Accountants of China and relevant national audit regulations,Abide by the principles of independence, objectivity and impartiality,Adhere to the attitude of honesty, efficiency and seeking truth from facts,Fully safeguard the interests of all parties concerned in accordance with the law。
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Jiangsu Yuanhe CPA Firm Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as the company), formerly known as "Yangzhou Dagong CPA Firm Co., LTD."。The company is managed by Jiangsu Institute of Certified Public Accountants, and is a professional institution engaged in financial infrastructure audit, capital verification, accounting consultant and other economic management consulting。
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Yuanhe has won the trust and praise of our customers with high-quality, efficient and standardized professional services。
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"Reducing" trillion yuan in taxes and fees will "add" growth momentum
This week, the promotion of tax and fee reduction ushered in a number of policy deployments。Measures such as increasing the value-added tax deduction and deduction for the domestic service industry and further promoting the reform of central and local income division are concrete embodiment of the continuous improvement and optimization of relevant policies for tax cuts and fee reductions, and will ensure that the trillion-yuan tax cuts and fee reductions are more tangible and effective。 [View details]
China has fully implemented the credit commitment system for individual income tax declaration
Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, Aug. 28 (Reporter An Bei)Individual income tax payments will be included in social credit management。China will fully implement the credit commitment system for individual income tax declaration, the National Development and Reform Commission said on Monday, requiring taxpayers to make promises on the authenticity, accuracy and integrity of the information they fill in, and the fulfillment of the credit commitment will be included in personal credit records。 [View details]
How to apply the 15% plus deduction policy to taxpayers whose business period is less than 3 months?
A: For taxpayers established before September 30, 2019, the 15% plus deduction policy is determined to apply to their sales during the actual operating period;For taxpayers established after October 1, 2019, the 15% plus deduction policy shall be applied to the sales of the three months from the date of establishment after 3 months of operation。 [View details]
Deduct the scope of four additional services
Taxpayers of production and living services refer to taxpayers whose sales of postal services, telecommunication services, modern services and living services (hereinafter referred to as the four services) account for more than 50% of the total sales。 [View details]
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